How difficult! Maybe you agree with me on the difficulty of writing a few lines talking about one without being self-centered.

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Just call me Koko, I was born on a Tuesday, the only day of the year in which the day and night coincide. Looking for my true vocation, I did a postgraduate of Pedagogical Aptitude, discovering that what I really was passionate about were PEOPLE.

For over ten years I have worked as Retail HR District Manager, is responsible for the management and development of people, as well as implementing and managing the strategies, policies, processes, and tools defined in the Human Resources / Operations / Commercial and Marketing area for the business units under my responsibility. I have been part of important national companies, which have allowed me to know the intricacies of the operational function of Human Resources at the point of sale.

I love reading the historical novel. I enjoy social networks, considering these as spaces for dialogue and conversation, not albums to collect fans.

Are you excited in knowing more about me ?, I invite you to take a look at my professional profile, sure that helps you to understand better everything I can do for you.