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3 Common Mistakes People Made in Designing Their Interior

What is a common mistake people made in designing their interior? You will find the answer in this article. Let’s find what is it.

interior design

These kinds of interior design mistakes should be realized early before it becomes the same mistake and make the furniture budget exploding when setting the house.

1. Proportion Mistakes

The meaning of proportion is the balance of a room with some goods, patterns, colors and sizes, this is why the minimalist decoration is so popular. If the goods in a room are too much or otherwise, it will be disproportionate in the eye. Maybe you want to display pictures of the family, furniture and unique items that you buy in your living room and family. However, too much furniture, accessories, and decorations in the room will certainly make the room look crowded.

Applying too many patterns to sofa cushions, curtains, carpets although the quality is good and expensive will still give the impression of too crowded and full. Likewise with applying color combinations. You should only use maximum 3 colors in one room. You can also apply more, but give one of the dominant color house paints as the basic color. Thus, the room of your house that looks narrow will look spacious and beautiful in the view.

2. Size Mistakes

The second mistake in the interior design is the size of the furniture. This is still related to the right proportion and placement. The goods that are too large or otherwise may give less harmony to the value of your room. Before buying the furniture for your room, be sure to measure the area of the room. So you can find furniture with the right size and model. It will be such a waste if you already buy a sofa that you really like but doesn’t fit in your room. All of these can happen when you forget to measure the room.

You should also check out the ceramic size for the floor. Large tiles are more suitable to be installed in a large room. Otherwise small tiles are suitable for narrower rooms.

3. Concept Mistakes

The third mistake in the interior design is a failed concept. Blending more than two concepts for a room will give the impression of not harmonious at all. The maximum numbers of blending for a house concept are two concepts only. No need to add excessive other concepts because it will cause irregularities. Design from the internet and magazines are an exciting interior design paradise to apply. You may think it’s a shame not to try everything. The best way is not to apply it in one room. But you can try in another room.

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